JCK Spotlight: The Plumb Club

A Look Inside One of JCK’s Most Vibrant Pavilions

Those who have attended JCK Las Vegas know The Plumb Club well thanks to its very visible and vital presence at the show. From its pavilion—or neighborhood—of stellar brands to its series of hosted events and demonstrations (not to mention some of the plushest carpet on the show floor—pure heaven for your feet), the organization is a mainstay. We can always count on it for great things.

For 2021, after a year off, it’s no surprise that The Plumb Club has big plans for JCK Las Vegas. We connected with Michael O’Connor, marketing director for The Plumb Club, and Lawrence Hess, the organization’s executive director, to see what the group has in store for us at the big show this year.

JCK: Before Las Vegas two years ago, you discussed with JCK how The Plumb Club had developed a new strategic plan—with new purpose and vision statements—in response to changes in our industry. How has the past year-plus of the pandemic altered that mission, if at all?

MO and LH: The Plumb Club, as you know, contains 45 companies led by some of the industry’s brightest minds. We regularly monitor shifts in the industry and the world in general to ensure that our mission remains relevant and current. Two years ago we spoke about our strategic plan with JCK. Although the plan remains the same, there has been some evolution and re-prioritizing in its execution.

In light of the shifts in the industry, the marketplace, and the world situation, we believe that we have taken steps to meet the newest landscape. In the plan from 2018 our purpose and vision was stated as this: “The Plumb Club is an organization of suppliers whose purpose is to connect its members and their customers and help shape the future of the jewelry industry.” Further, “The Plumb Club is a responsible supply-side organization recognized for leadership, adding value, and positively impacting the jewelry industry.” As you can see, those statements are as true today as they were when developed.

However, industry needs shifted over the past couple of years, which necessitated the organization to review, re-prioritize, and move certain plans forward to meet the immediate changes. For example, our plan always included the development of a 365-day-per-year virtual mall where members and retailers could interact and conduct business. This became much more important to our members and the industry at large. Therefore we prioritized and developed TPC-365, which allowed the industry to continue to meet face-to-face in a virtual and safe environment that was dynamic and interactive, and yet still do the business that they needed to do. Additionally, the situation over the past couple of years surfaced the need for us to take the pulse of the industry as well as the shifting mindset and desires of the consumer. Therefore we initiated research in early 2021 to do exactly that. The result is a comprehensive and multi-focused document, The Plumb Club Industry and Market Insights 2021.

Tell us about what The Plumb Club has in store for visitors to JCK Las Vegas this year.

One of The Plumb Club’s core values is the education of the industry at large. Therefore, we will be sharing the results of our research with the industry at a presentation during the JCK show. The research we disseminate will help attending retailers make informed buying decisions based upon the most current consumer data available. Further, retailers can always stop by The Plumb Club Pavilion to see their member vendors and get more information on what the research says.

In the pavilion we will also have a TPC-365 demonstration with hands-on and guided access that will illustrate to retailers just how easy this virtual platform is to work with. In addition, a totally immersive 3D Jewelers Resource Center, the final phase of our platform, will be introduced. The purpose of The Jewelers Resource Center is to supply the industry with access to a myriad of educational material in video, audio, and written formats, as well as to provide information, articles, and charts that will help them do business on a daily basis and ease the work involved in trying to seek out this information from a variety of sources.

Further, as a cornerstone of our commitment to the industry and responsible sourcing, we have welcomed the Responsible Jewellery Council into our pavilion to help educate retailers on the importance of corporate and consumer responsibility.

And of course, as always, retailers can enjoy the complimentary snacks in our Plumb Club Cafe, a complimentary business center (including computers, printers, internet access, and secure phone chargers), and ease their tired feet with our plush carpeting!

As usual, The Plumb Club has an exceptional list of brands exhibiting in its pavilion. Are there any themes, trends, or launches that you can share with us for a sneak peek?

As you know, our membership is composed of the most innovative, best-in-class suppliers and manufacturers. Each company will have their own unique introductions that will respond to the most current jewelry trends and consumer desires.

The Plumb Club released a series of podcasts with an excellent variety of topics to help retailers run their businesses. Any plans to incorporate podcasts into your presence at JCK Las Vegas?

The podcasts that we introduced in 2020 have been wildly successful with retailers and will be featured as one of the many learning tools within The Jewelers Resource Center of TPC-365, which retailers will be able to download on-site.

What are you most looking forward to at JCK Las Vegas 2021? How do you expect it will differ from years past?

We are looking forward to providing our members and their customers the ability to reconnect again in person after all this time. We believe that the show will be very strong and that the past couple of years have helped refocus consumer attention on the legacy and heirloom aspects of jewelry that one can’t get from strictly experiential activities, which become merely a memory after they’re completed.

What’s the most important piece of advice you’d offer to retailers traveling to JCK Las Vegas this year?

Create a plan, know why you’re coming to the show, ensure you understand consumer shifts in desire, set objectives, and, of course, visit The Plumb Club Pavilion to achieve these goals.

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