Cartıer presented a new hıgh jewelery collectıon – Sıxıème Sens

The launch of the collection aims to once again highlight Cartier’s leadership in high jewelery creations. That is why Sixième Sens contains all the signature symbols of the brand’s masters: geometric animalistic patterns made of precious stones, even a hint of Tutti Frutti.

You can also feel the skill of Cartier craftsmen, honed over decades, to select flawless stones. The Phaan ring contains a ruby ​​weighing 8.2 carats, under which a diamond weighing 4.2 carats is hidden. The same is with the Parhelia ring: the central element is a sapphire cabochon weighing 21.51 carats, on both sides of which there are “wings” made of diamonds and emeralds. The massive necklaces at Sixième Sens are the epitome of sophisticated jewelry techniques. The Coruscant necklace is made up of pure diamonds of six completely different cuts: emerald, baguette, kite, octahedron, triangle and brilliant. Pixelage is the epitome of Cartier codes. Leopard spots are made by Cartier craftsmen in the form of a geometric mosaic made of onyx, yellow and transparent diamonds. The highlight of the jewelry is three honey topaz with a total weight of 27.34 carats.

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