Hublot created a collectıble watch model wıth French artıst Marc Ferrero

If you are familiar with French pop art, you have probably seen the painting Lipstick— the most famous work of the artist Marc Ferrero. So you can see a portrait of a real woman of the XXI century-multi-faceted, fatal, challenging any stereotypes. This canvas, the result of 10 years of work by Ferrero, was chosen as the main theme for the new Hublot watch — a limited-edition model made of blue ceramics Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero Ceramic Blue.

Released in a limited edition of 25 copies, the new Hublot attracts attention with a bright dial featuring red lips and large sunglasses from the artist’s painting. The drawing is made of white composite resin, and it is framed by 42 diamonds.

In addition to the unique design and limited edition, the Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero Ceramic Blue watch is attractive because it uses the patented One Click mounting system, which allows you to change its appearance with a single click.

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