A true design classic is rare; and even more rare is the opportunity to reimagine it through a different creative vision while honoring its legendary heritage. So I was both proud and humbled to bring a touch of Begum Khan’s whimsical wonder and eccentric elegance to Guerlain’s signature fragrance bottle, as part of the Bee Bottle collaboration.

Since embarking on this collaboration, I have been constantly amazed by the synergies between myself, a young Turkish designer, and the centuries-old house of Guerlain. With the Bee Bottle, we have constructed a bridge between the past and the future, the east and the west. The Bee Bottle represents the meeting point between our two contrasting worlds, and the birth of an exciting new one.

Since 1828, the love of Perfume and the love of Art have been at the heart of the House of Guerlain. This artistic and olfactory duality is reflected in the exceptional creations, the fruits of a creative partnership between Guerlain and talented artists and craftsmen. In this magical collaboration, Turkish designer Begüm Khan transports the iconic Bee Bottle into her sumptuous universe between the ancient Ottoman lands and a dreamlike world.

Born into a family of art collectors in the former imperial capital of Istanbul, Begüm Khan began cultivating her love of beautiful things from young age. Strongly influenced by nature and the East, her brand designs, crafted using rare and precious materials, bring to life exotic fauna and flora. Simultaneously contemporary and timeless, her exquisite creations hark back to a glamorous bygone era, modernised through a touch of audacity.

Like a unique work of art, the Bee Bottle is dressed in a finery of gold-plated bronze adorned with precious stones, as dreamt up by Begüm Khan. In the fantastical design, an imperial bee, the Guerlain symbol, escapes from its dreamlike universe to land for a fleeting moment on the bottle, encircled by four majestic flowers.

Each piece is handmade by Turkish craftsmen in a historic workshop in the old part of Istanbul, through a labour of love that imbues every bottle with its own personality and soul.

The exclusive fragrance encased in the bottle evokes a sunny day spent among the lush greenery of the Mediterranean. This Eau de Parfum opens with a fresh and vibrant mix of mandarin and bergamot, revealing refreshing fig leaf and luscious fig fruit in its heart, set upon a woody base of sandalwood and cedar notes.

For the final touch, the Dames de Table of the Guerlain Ateliers adorn the bottle with this precious embellishment, crowning the piece with a fine gold thread around the neck of the bottle.

A limited edition of 15 bottles will be available worldwide.

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