KUWAIT: New Display Rules for Sale of Jewellery Items

Stores in Kuwait must now display the price and other relevant details off for sale jewellery, according to a new decree by Kuwait’s Commerce and Industry Minister, Dr Abdullah Al-Salman. 

The new rules, which apply to both jewellery and precious handicrafts, require that jewellery must be displayed with a price tag, company name, serial number (barcode), carat, weight, and type of piece. Other details that it is now mandatory to provide include the product’s factorial value, and the weight of the lobes and their type, where applicable. 

Precious handmade crafts of a “special nature” must henceforth be placed in an isolated and clear location in the store, with a tag bearing the company’s name, a serial number (barcode) which is related to the electronic sale system, its type, weight and a description of the piece. 

The ministerial decision was announced by Kuwait’s official news agency on 23 May 2021.

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