Dıor watch noveltıes – an ode to the beauty of bırds and the ırıdescence of varıegated feathers

The new Dior Grand Bal Parure Tropicale watch series, on which Victoire de Castellane worked, is a reflection on the theme of the tropical bird of paradise. The highlight of each model is the décor of the dial, created from marquise-cut gemstones, so that each gem resembles a feather.

The arrangement of the stones also makes sense: according to de Castellane’s idea, the owner of the watch should have the feeling that a rare bird under the glass of the dial is spreading its wings to take off. Shimmering pleating is created from the wings of a scarab beetle. The watch case is encrusted with pavé diamonds, the Dior Inversé 11 1/2 movement is inside, and the power reserve is 42 hours.

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