The world of watches details the new season trends

Friday, 30 April 2021

 The world of watches details the new season trends

Bulgari in the new collection highlights a magnificent test of manufacturing skill, made by the master goldsmiths and stone setters of the Maison. The jewelry designers worked side by side with the team of gemologists to achieve this extraordinary combination of nine different gemstones with intense vivacity, featured in Mysterious Cleopatra Snakes. These are pairs of faceted hexagonal amethysts and citrines, an aquamarine, a rubellite, a chromed tourmaline, a tanzanite and a peridot, with a total weight of over 50 carats, accompanied by nearly 4,000 snow-mounted diamonds. Divissima and Allegra are the expression of Bulgari’s approach towards Haute Horlogerie. The first is presented as a minute version of the success of Divas’ Dream, the second model instead sees a lively selection of gems in different cuts and shapes – citrines, amethysts, peridots, blue topaz and rhodolite – orbit around the mother-of-pearl dial, creating a extraordinary light composition.

Chanel, on the other hand, focuses on the sophisticated mechanism revealed by a transparent dial. The stylistic codes, such as the use of black and white, the chain element and the diamond quilted motif define the aesthetic.

In Chopard’s proposals, gems transformed into authentic treasures that mark time, the maison uses the techniques of High Jewelery to create pieces full of colors that adorn the dial and bezel. A manifestation of femininity, elegant and punctual.

Great news from Gucci, which presents the first series of Haute Horlogerie models: a combination of creativity, mastery and technical ability that takes shape in GUCCI 25H, G-Timeless, Grip. Each line is inspired by the artisan tradition and the classic elements that are the heritage of the brand: natural elements, flora and fauna, and of course the Double G.

Jaeger-Lecoultre is also launching four new Reverso One models that blend the codes of fine watchmaking, artistic mastery and fine jewelry to give the collection new colors, sophistication and glamor. The creation of these extraordinary watches is the result of the union of multiple artistic savoir-faire – enamelling, engraving and setting – and the collaboration between skilled craftsmen, masters of different techniques.

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