Latest trends for engagement rings

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Latest trends for engagement rings

The best engagement rings do not necessarily coincide with the number of karats but the meaning. Between sui generis declarations and abandoned traditions, in favour of original and increasingly unconventional ideas, the ambition for a dream engagement ring persists.

The token of love is, indeed, one of the most important jewels that can be owned or worn: even the most discreet eye is captured by the stone that is worn on the ring finger, be it a diamond, a sapphire or a maxi pearl.
The classic ring representing an eternal and immutable bond is the Tiffany one, characterized by a brilliant-cut diamond, which rises above a virtually invisible six-pronged ring to show the beauty of the stone.

The latest trends, however, with a touch of creativity, are rings characterized by black diamonds or floral-themed multi-rings.
The new generations also demonstrate a particular sensitivity to the theme of “sustainability”. The ring can be vintage with a synthetic stone (which does not require extraction but it is created in a laboratory) or with a certificate attesting the traceability.

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