A Diamond to Celebrate April

Thursday, 08 April 2021

A Diamond to Celebrate April

Every month has its lucky stone. And April lays claim to one of the most-loved and valuable: the diamond. Transparent, pure and unalterable, it is the quintessential talisman whose story dates back to truly ancient origins.

The etymology of the term ‘diamond’ derives from the Greek word, “adaµas” (adamas), for indomitable because people from ancient times knew of no other substance able to erode or work it. Since then, numerous legends and traditions have testified to its value. Some peoples gave it the power of encouraging long-lasting love, which is why it was religiously treasured by newlyweds and lovers; others thought that it had beneficial properties and recommended using it against poisons, bad luck, plagues and other serious diseases. Nowadays, the meaning of the diamond is still linked to its strength, hardness and perfection.

What has changed in time is interest in its traceability, now essential for ensuring the value and origin. In fact, more and more brands are now intent on guaranteeing transparency regarding the origin of their diamonds. Like Osigem which, with its Forever Unique brand, offers a reliable and “green” proposal. Zydo has also always ensured an impeccable selection of diamond, combined with manufacturing perfection and sophisticated design. World Diamond Group unites know-how in the diamond sector, acquired over thirty years, to the reputation of international institutes that certify the quality of the raw material: a procedure it adopts with all its brands, such as Forevermark. The quality of the raw material is also fundamental for Leo Pizzo and Fope. Both companies stand out for the excellence of their Made in Italy workmanship and accurate gem selection.

Antonella Reina, Editor VO+

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