“Colors of Nature” ın the new Tıffany & Co. hıgh jewellery collectıon

This year, Tiffany & Co. turned to the natural world, and also honored the legacy of one of the main designers in the history of the company – Jean Schlumberger. Deep green tourmalines, rare Colombian emeralds, aquamarines, tsavorites, sapphires, spinels, diamonds, iconic tanzanites and kunzites are mixed like in a kaleidoscope, in the new collection of high jewelry “Colors of Nature”.

The most daring masterpiece is a necklace made from seven different precious stones. Aquamarines, tanzanites, pink, orange and green tourmalines, rubellite and morganite all weigh over 278 carats. A necklace made of yellow gold with diamonds and a rare pearl Melo Melo weighing more than 95 carats, and a necklace made of spinel and purple sapphires, and other jewels.

The collection “Colors of Nature” will debut in April: so 600 jewels will be presented in Shanghai and then will go to other cities.

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