Anapsara: From a Dragonfly to Kandinski

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Anapsara: From a Dragonfly to Kandinski

Founded in 2014 amid the ancestral atmosphere of the island of Ibiza as a point of arrival on a shamanic and spiritual journey, Anapsara’s logo is a dragonfly to which the profiles of its jewelry have, in fact, always drawn inspiration.

«The dragonfly is the brand’s logo and inspires the design of all my creations. I chose it for its deep spiritual meaning. It is the symbol of re-birth, transformation, the perception of our profound self» explains designer and company founder, Eugenia Shekhtman.

Now the brand’s kaleidoscopic cosmos has been further enriched with new symbols that continue to express the concept of metamorphosis.

The Kandinsky collection, as the name implies, pays homage to the visionary Russian abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky, who was able to give colors powerful kinetic energy. The earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings all feature unusual abstract shapes embellished with diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones.

The Wonderland collection, on the other hand, comprises mysterious mask-shaped jewelry. The masks are made to hide and protect but also allow the wearer to take on new identities: in the Anapsara world, they become authentic talismans that, once worn, help to express our truest self, free from compromise and convention.

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