Fope’s Everyday Luxury

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Fope’s Everyday Luxury

Fope’s 2021/22 promises to be overflowing with initiatives and new product entries. Starting from an advertising campaign that outlines the brand’s identity and its “everyday luxury” proposals using an innovative language: snapshots portraying the same model in six extremely different contexts to describe a multi-cultural style that welcomes exotic cross-fertilization while still keeping faith with the brand’s traditional spirit.

One of the new entries presented is “Essentials”, a line of 18-carat gold and diamond rings and earrings designed around the iconic Novecento mesh proposed as a transversal solution that can be perfectly combined with any other collection: an ideal summary of the brand’s DNA, destined to become the new must-have item for all lovers of the “Everyday Luxury” concept.

The brand has also updated its iconic “Eka Tiny” collection with a new stylistic interpretation of the rondelle transforming it into a bold geometric element and giving the new design a more contemporary flavor.

Lastly, “Vendôme”, the best-seller collection featuring the classic Flex’it mesh, has been upgraded with new and different diamond cuts, like princess and baguette diamonds, and, in some versions, with gems such as rubies and blue sapphires: a valuable integration for high-range consumers in search of refined stylistic details.

Antonella Reina, Editor VO+

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