Falsini Art’s new symbols

Tuesday, 02 March 2021

Falsini Art’s new symbols

Gold and elaborate artisan workmanship continue to be the distinguishing elements in creations by Falsini Art. The Tuscan brand, which has always focused on traditional know-how while creating contemporary items, has produced a new collection overflowing with history.

Inspiration comes for the Renaissance, an age of exceptional splendor for jewelry both due to a positive economic climate and the discovery of new raw materials. In an endless dialogue between surfaces, volumes and colors, the new jewelry features finishings belonging to ancient gold art techniques, like, for example, inserting mirror-polished torchons or fine chains to create shining trails.

All reinterpreted with an experimental flair that contributes to making each piece a precious amulet to be worn every day.

Antonella Reina, Editor VO+

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