Jewels for Valentine’s Day: Every shape of love

Thursday, 11 February 2021

Jewels for Valentine’s Day: Every shape of love

One-of-a-kind jewels or bijoux, minimal and conceptual creations or in boho-chic style… From traditional jewelry companies to independent designers, there is no jewelry brand that does not think about Valentine’s Day, perhaps because nothing expresses feelings better on love’s big day than an item of jewelry.

The heart is still a classic shape that never loses its charm, especially when interpreted in a contemporary key, even though there are many other declinations to ennoble this romantic occasion.

There are symbols like infinity and a knot that refer to the idea of a strong and eternal bond, or arrows, that quintessential emblem of falling in love. Then there are engraved declarations that range from a simple “Be mine” to personalized, more romantic and complex phrases.

Originality can take advantage of amethyst, another precious ally since, also known as Saint Valentine’s stone, it is the lucky stone linked to those born in February. Legend has it that the patron saint of love wore a ring of this purple gem bearing a sculptured image of Cupid.

And while a diamond is forever, and therefore the symbol of absolute love, giving one with an ethical origin could enrich our intentions and emotions with ethical and social commitment… Definitely added value in this day and age.

Lorenza Scalisi, Editor VO+

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