The jewellery ımage of the Shakıra at Super Bowl 2020

For a performer like Shakira, creating costums are very difficult. She actively moves on stage, dances, jumps and also plays musical instruments. So the outfit should combine comfort and eye-catching design that will look good even in a huge stadium. The Norwegian designer Peter Dundas took on this challenge. He created a red costume strewn with sparkles for Shakira.

The outfit consisted of several parts: a bustier, a corset and a fringed skirt. Each garment was adorned with 123,000 Swarovski crystals in three shades of red.

Shakira’s boots were also custom-made. A pair of boots are covered with Swarovski crystals by Dan Life. It took 30,000 stones and ten days of work.

The singer decided not to wear ordinary jewelry. Even the largest necklace or earrings from the stage will be barely noticeable, and they can also interfere with dancing. But wide leather cuff bracelets covered with Swarovski crystals looked spectacular.

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