Cıpullo. Makıng jewelry modern: a new book about one of the most famous jewelers Aldo Cıpullo

He worked for Cartier for many years and has created many legendary jewels.

For Cartier, 2021 kicked off with the launch of a new campaign, The Cult of Design, which brought together several of the brand’s iconic collections, including Juste un Clou and Love. More about their creator, Aldo Cipullo, can be found in the new book, Cipullo. Making jewelry modern by Assouline publishing house.

The book tells the story of the legendary jewelry designer through the prism of the memories by his brother Renato. The famous American journalist and author of several books on the history of jewelry design Vivienne Becker united them into a full-fledged biography.

High-quality photographs of products, on which you can see the smallest details, family archives, and funny stories about the designer who set jewelry trends in New York throughout the 70s until his sudden death in 1984.

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