In pastel shades: the Maureen collectıon of Casato

This is a traditional annual update.

This time Federico Gauttieri, founder and designer of the Roman brand, decided to ditch bright colors in favor of precious and semi-precious stones in delicate pastel shades. So, jewelers used peach morganites, aquamarines, tanzanites, and diamonds.

Only deep blue sapphires of the bright colors in the collection, which in combination with diamonds adorn earrings.

Gauttieri always experimented not only with color, but also with the form of jewels. The result is an asymmetrical open-ended white gold diamond necklace.

Constant renewal and search for perfection inspire the brand’s designers to create new unique pieces of jewelry that combine intricate shapes with vibrant quality stones. They are ideal for confident, modern women for whom jewelry is an opportunity to express their individuality.

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