Internatıonal Gemology Instıtute to Increase the Value of the Sector wıth a Laboratory ın Turkey

International Gemological Institute (IGI), which has been carrying out certification and training activities on jewelry, precious stones and diamonds in the world jewelry market for nearly half a century, shared the details of its investment and employment decision for the Turkish jewelry market, which is considered one of the world’s five largest markets.

Shaunak Shastree: “We Will Add Value to the Value of the Turkish Jewelry Industry”

Stating that they have closely monitored the Turkish jewelery market for the past few years, they believe it is time to offer Turkish consumers and trade, the options for global consumers in other countries to access the same impartial, consistent and independent rating standard reports, IGI Dubai General Manager Shaunak Shastree said: “As the International Gemology Institute With the 18 laboratories we have, we add value to the commodities of thousands of consumers every day. In this context, the fact that a total of 20 thousand certificates are reported every day from our laboratories in 2020 means a proud picture for us. In addition, we provide trainings on jewelery, diamond and gem stone certification with our 14 schools, contributing to the training of experts in this field and to make brands and consumers more conscious. Because we know that certification is of great importance for buyers as well as jewelry and precious stone sellers. With the certification, the value of the jewelry or gem stone increases, while all parties in the trading process mean the added value of your name. Is we have this vision of the world jewelry market has great importance for the new year by either Turkey will add value to the value of this sector. “

Shaunak Shastree: a Lab to Establish in Istanbul”

Shaunak Shastree stated that they will establish a laboratory in Istanbul within a year; “This investment demonstrates our commitment to providing Turkish jewelery buyers with the option to obtain an internationally recognized world-class gemology certificate that can be verified online at, reflecting the true value of their jewelery,” he said.

Shastree said: “The extremely challenging certification journey of jewelry or gemstone begins after reaching the lab. It takes a total of 6 days to perform the scans, carry out measurements, report and return the last one. Thus, whether it be brands or the end consumer, they can have clear information about the jewelry or precious stone in their hands. This report provides a quick solution to buying or selling activities, as it can also be verified online. In order for such a report to be produced, a very long training is required from grading stones to cutting process and even retail management. Precious stones and jewelry from around the world who understands IGI training experts, both in Turkey may establish a school in the medium term may also be performing advanced level vocational training cooperation with both industry associations.

“Sadiye Baraş:” IGI is the First Company to Process Laser Laboratory Results “

IGI Turkey Business Development Manager Sadiye Baras explained: “The fact that while the certificate gives value to diamond it  gives also confidence to the consumer. Certification of a diamond gives details about the diamond’s carat weight, color, cut, clarity, as well as symmetry, facet cut, polishing, cut dimensions, table size, pavillion depth, girdle thickness and many technical information. IGI is the first company to process report number to the girdle without any damage to the diamond. Thanks to this number processed by IGI, the report and detailed information about that diamond can be verified online. In this way, you can safely carry the gems stone or diamond you own.

Sadiye Baraş: “We Will Bring Identity to Turkish Jewelry with Global Value”

Underlining that the Turkish jewelery market has a great value, especially on a global scale, Sadiye Baraş said: “The Turkish people both consider jewelery and diamonds as an investment tool and love to wear them. Therefore, as IGI, we want to add value to the value it possesses by giving Turkish jewelry its identity. With this goal, we started certification activities. “The IGI certificate, which will now take place in precious stones and diamonds in our country, will symbolize the trust for that precious stone and diamond.”

International Gemology Institute (IGI) established in Antwerp Belgium, which has been operating for 45 years, is considered the world’s leading certification brand with 18 laboratories and 14 schools that provide training all over the world.

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