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Telegram messaging apps are seeing a spike in demand after the larger rival WhatsApp’s updated terms of service change on social media.

Users of Whatsapp are left annoyed after the messaging app recently updated its terms and services and privacy policy, sparking fears that the new policies will allow Facebook to spy on them. Notably, WhatsApp’s new terms and privacy policy will come into effect from February 8, 2021, and users who wish to use the app after this date will have to agree to the new terms and privacy policies. For this in the last two days, while Telegram picked up nearly 2.2 million downloads.

Russia based Telegram is an online messaging app that works just like popular messaging apps WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This means that you can use it to send messages to your friends. Telegram is cloud-based and claims that it prioritizes security and speed, making it a good alternative to other popular messaging apps.

We have started a series of new studies. So, you can access new issues of our magazines on WhatsApp. With our interactive pdf share, you can access much more product or company information by clicking on the company links you like. It is enough to send a message to +90 555 974 79 40 via WhatsApp.

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