Add joy to your lıfe wıth MON REVE

Turkish brand MON REVE gave beautiful energies with Evil Eye themed designs in its new collection

This collection designed by Betina Demishulam, the creator of MON REVE, believing that emotions shape what we see, symbolizes positive perspective and hope. MON REVE Evil Eye Collection; Each piece consists of handcrafted gold plated necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and charms.

MON REVE shoe charms are shown among the most authentic originals of this season with their evil eye-themed eye, star, lion, heart and peace figures. There are many models of MON REVE’s iconic chains, one of its different charms, colorful and cheerful shoe charm designs.

You can invite luck, hope and abundance into your life with MON REVE’s Evil Eye-themed designs, and personalize your shoes with symbols and colorful charms.

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