Tiffany & Co. wıll put up for sale ıts most expensıve pıece of jewelry wıth an 80-carat dıamond

It’s crystal clear that the opulence of the early 20th century is being revived with Tiffany & Co.’s latest acquisition: a D-color oval diamond surpassing 80 carats that was responsibly sourced in Botswana, Africa. The stone will set by Tiffany artisans in New York City in a necklace inspired by a style that premiered at the 1939 World’s Fair, to be unveiled in 2022.

The necklace was presented at Tiffany & Co.’s grand opening of its iconic Fifth Avenue flagship store in 1940—an event that will be rebirthed at its upcoming reopening.

Since January 2020, Tiffany & Co.’s Manhattan store closed its doors to the public to embark on a two-year-long renovation, leaving jewel-obsessed customers longing for its return. The highly anticipated reopening in 2022 will be immortalized with the unveiling of the modernized necklace, an act that parallels the store’s original debut.

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