Hot for the Holidays

4 Jewelry Gift Trends

It’s that time again—believe it or not, the holidays are upon us, and more than ever, a well-stocked inventory—and good e-commerce capabilities—is a must.

Despite the fact that we aren’t out gathering in public and witnessing major trend-making moments (runways shows, awards events) quite as much as we did last year, jewelry trends are still finding their way to us. In fact, many jewelry trends have strengthened as a result of quarantine and the current pandemic, so it’s good to embrace what shoppers are craving now. Here are four trends to pay special attention to as you make your plan for the (digital) holiday rush.

Pearls are having more than one major moment this year, from award shows to campaign trails to fashion editorials. Their reawakening of sorts, in the way that even the most basic strand of pearls seems to have found a new groove, gives credence to the idea that everyone should own a pearl piece, particularly in necklace form but not limited to that one style, either. A retailer wouldn’t need to go above and beyond to have an entire showcase (or digital collection) stocked with all pearls, but select additions of both simple and spectacular pieces is smart.

Personalized jewelry
Jewelry that is personal, whether through custom engraving and stone setting or by way of initial or talisman, has been far and away the hot category to beat for 2020. People just want their purchases to be meaningful rather than frivolous, especially since, for the most part, the things they wear are for themselves at home, and not to display out and about as perhaps they once were. That trend shows no signs of changing—particularly with no “end date” to the pandemic, though little by little people do seem to be finding a new normal. Still, it’s a good idea to look for a range of both simple looks (easy to wear and matches well with other jewels) and unconventional, statement-worthy jewels that catch the eye, all with elements of personalization. 

One-of-a-kind pieces
A unique year calls for a unique piece of jewelry to commemorate it, even if we don’t necessarily want to remember all that 2020 has wrought. Many shoppers have extra disposable income this year given their lack of travel and regular outings, and will consider spending a little more on the ones they love, a little extra something to sweeten a year that could use the special touch.

Whether a retailer will offer design services themselves or stock one-of-a-kind designer pieces (or both), it’s a good idea to have some good options to catch the eye of those customers with a little extra spending money this season.

Price Point Jewels
The flip side of the previous category is that of the budget shopper, the ones that either don’t have a surplus of spending money or don’t feel comfortable spending a handsome amount online (as much business will be this holiday season). A good range of options to stock would include sterling silver creations and every day pieces that will see a lot of wear without costing more than $1,000—the more bang for their buck, the better.

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