The winter outfit? Turtleneck and contrasting necklace

Friday, 23 October 2020

The winter outfit? Turtleneck and contrasting necklace

Turtleneck, plain and simple: an evergreen garment, perfect in the coldest season and always classy. Today also combined with pendant necklaces for a look halfway between street style and chic.

Turtleneck, a must have for Winter 2020/21: better worn under a jacket and with a necklace. A trend that among cotton and fine wools, silver, gold and colored gems, now finds space on the catwalks and in the various proposals of the most important fashion houses. The contrast between a black turtleneck sweater and precious yellow gold, both elegant and casual, aiming at beauty and austerity, is stunning.

For jewellery designers and stylists, this combination gives maximum expression to the creativity and personality of those who choose it: delicate with colored gems, cream or ice color turtlenecks, rock with dark colors and XL effect chain necklaces.

In fact, if the chain necklace is today the favorite jewel of fashion victims especially if with a geometric and articulated mesh. For a complete look, better focus on bold hoop earrings, or mini hoops that will embellish the ear with delicate details.

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