Now More Than Ever: Crivelli’s project

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Now More Than Ever: Crivelli's project

They are everyday jewels that represent the time we are living in.

It is from this statement that the Crivelli’s project Now More Than Ever was born, with a collection inspired by the reflections during the post-Covid19 era, aiming at the hearts of people, making this iconic symbol a more precious pendant than ever.

The Company is in fact showcasing a piece of jewellery that combines the unique style of the traditional Crivelli goldsmith manufacture with a more contemporary design by reworking and combining diamonds and enamel, in harmony between shape and luxury.

Thanks to the video directed by Fabrizio Ferri, we may ponder on the different forms of non-verbal communication: this short movie explores the world of feelings by rediscovering a new meaning of the concept of emotional connection, without hiding the fear that this historical moment has generated.

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