Blue Sapphire: Here is the new trend for Millennials

Thursday, 08 October 2020

Blue Sapphire: Here is the new trend for Millennials

Ancient civilizations have always used precious stones to heal, hypnotize and win their battles. And the blue sapphire is a treasure trove of metaphysical powers and great healing properties.

Symbol of loyalty, courage and hope, it adorned the royal coffers. Above all, Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is one of the most fascinating examples of a blue sapphire ring set in a band of white diamonds.

Blue sapphires, especially those from Kashmir, have achieved exceptional prices at auctions in recent years, reflecting the growing demand for these particularly precious and rare gems.

Young generations, with a view to marriage, seek uniqueness and as a symbol of love and commitment a blue sapphire captures their attention a lot.

Sapphires are known to be stones that symbolize attachment and fidelity. Wearing a sapphire in an engagement ring can symbolize strengthening the relationship and creating a lasting bond.

Young couples choose sapphire rings for their sentimental values while remaining off the beaten track: so a blue sapphire is trendy but never too far from the values and traditions underlying even the youngest.

Blue represents love and a new beginning, companionship and trust, and sapphire helps to reconcile differences and embrace open-hearted partner perspectives.

Another factor driving the sales of blue sapphire engagement rings is the availability of unique and original designs. Weddings are made of exuberance, joy and flowers and modern brides prefer to carry this trend in jewelry too.

Floral designs in bridal jewelry are a key trend of recent years, such as art deco influences and cabochon or round cut gems, set in white gold, platinum or silver.

And the cost? The average price for an engagement ring in the United States averages around $ 2,000.

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