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Become a Retail Member of Jewelers Board of Trade for just $195.  That’s 80% less than a Regular Member!

Retailers who pay attention to their JBT Credit Rating have a competitive edge.  

Retailers with higher JBT ratings get:

  • More credit from vendors
  • Better terms
  • Better discounts
  • Better service

As the only credit rating organization dedicated solely to the jewelry industry, JBT ratings are considered the gold standard when vendors make credit decisions. 

JBT processes millions of lines of trade information each year and notifies our members of changes in their retailers’ credit ratings, with over 1,000 changes each month.

Has your own rating changed? Now you can find out!

A JBT Retail Membership gives you the tools to take control of your reputation.

Included in each Retail Membership:

  • Your own JBT Credit Report sent to you every month. 
  • It contains your credit rating, number of credit inquiries on your business and other key business data.
  • Helps you proactively catch errors in your information.
  • Access to a dedicated rep who can help you ensure your information is correct, and make sure you are getting the most from your membership.
  • Exclusive access to JBT Credit Reports with information on over 9,000 jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler listings including JBT Credit Rating, location, d/b/a and more.
  • Access to industry data related to bankruptcy, business closures, openings, credit rating changes and average claim size data.
  • Use of the JBT Retail Member logo to let everyone know you are part of an organization that promotes business transparency.

Click here to see our membership options and join today! 

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