Milan 1919 by Antonini

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Milan 1919 by Antonini

With the Anniversary100 collection, the historic brand born in the heart of Milan in 1919 celebrates its centenary history.

The important anniversary is honored with a thick collection, Anniversary100, designed by the founder and designer Sergio Antonini on the basis of the malleability of gold and its shine, the most striking and precious feature of this extraordinary material.

The brand offers a series of unique jewels in yellow or white polished gold, embellished with bewitching diamond waves to frame the sinuous profiles of unique jewelry and that amaze in unexpected details, including necklaces, bracelets and rings of rare workmanship, with diamonds at 45 years even more sparkling. In this 2020, finally, the collection embellishes with a new black rhodium finish to highlight some rhythmic details that repeat the iconic element of the same collection, the symbol of infinity.

A double soul, that of Antonini, which in all the collections presents the yellow and white gold version to meet the needs of different markets and customers, and in the harmonious union of architecture and design that magically combine in jewels with an innovative and creative flavor.

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