Fope: excellence for over 90 years

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Fope: excellence for over 90 years

FOPE was born in Vicenza as a goldsmith laboratory and then an international jewelry brand. Since then, in 1929, an unstoppable progress made of craftsmanship and high technology continues.

Every day unique jewels are created that become part of original collections and characterized by great attention to detail, the choice of raw materials of the best quality and an indisputable Italian elegance.

Beauty and design have been celebrated at VOICE with the brand’s new collections. Among these, together with the historic pieces of the brand with theirs peculiarities and sweaters famous all over the world, FOPE took the Panorama collection, created to testify to the elegance and excellence that have always characterized the brand. A discreet and precious luxury, for an innovative flat knit concept that gives a new feeling to the wearer, amidst gold bars of different carats.

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