The new Roberto Coin collections at VOICE

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

The new Roberto Coin collections at VOICE

Zig zag lines, wide curves, pointed corners and soft tassels to describe the most loved collection by Instagramers. Each Art Decò creation synthesizes the severity of the geometry and the intensity of the precious stones, which are experimented in original combinations.

The connection with the artistic current is evident in the design: in fact, the same symmetries of the buildings of the time are seen in the rings, while the bright color combinations break the classic rules of harmony, just as the representative images of Art Decò did.

This collection, so characteristic and with pieces of rare beauty, is signed by Roberto Coin, one of the most iconic and renowned brands on an international scale, born from the creativity and artistic sensitivity of the founder of the same name years ago, and today among the most representative and esteemed brands in the sector. . The strong character of Art Decò jewels, combined with their small size, makes this collection an example of modern, powerful and comfortable luxury.

And if it is true that every woman is like a careful explorer in search of styles and codes of elegance, because what she wears represents deeper values than her simple appearance, the Sauvage Privé collection with its revolutionary style in shapes and colors succeeds to enhance the most instinctive and nonconformist essence that is born and grows in the depths of every woman. Through the jewels of Sauvage Privé, the brand celebrates courageous and irresistible women: here the design surpasses innovation, with a free and bold geometry, the black jade protagonist shiny and intense and the naturally unrepeatable malachite, which becomes the perfect vestal of the mission of the brand: to dedicate a unique jewel to every woman.

Then there are the small diamond flowers that decorate the surface of Princess jewels, reworked to become the absolute protagonists of jewel-flowers. From an ornamental detail, the flower grows to bloom, just like in a natural evolution. And the twisted thread, characteristic of the Princess family, appears as a real three-dimensional frame on which the corolla rests. The corolla blooms in all its shades made of gold and precious stones. The production process of Princess Flower is a perfect balance between technology and the hands of the craftsmen who assemble flower by flower, decorating the petals.

Last but not least, among the wonders that Roberto Coin proposed at VOICE, also the Rock and Diamonds collection, dedicated to women who wear evening dresses with leather bikers, who dress in contrasts and dominate both with elegance. It is the first rock collection of the iconic brand and for the first time a jewel combines gold and jade studs with the light of diamonds. Rigorous jewels, which do not allow colored stones or variations on the shapes. One and the same concept is endlessly repeated like a musical riff, sexy when it plays with the sinuosity of the bracelets and rings and shrewd in the modular combinations of earrings.

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