The beauty of Victorinox timepieces

Friday, 11 September 2020

The beauty of Victorinox timepieces

State-of-the-art watches, the result of the work of a company that is taking the legendary history of Swiss knives into the watch industry by exploiting all its expertise regarding materials and inserting the quality of Swiss watch technology. The brand has been making watches in Switzerland since 1989: each model is created to find a perfect balance between performance and timeless elegance. And when you put a Victorinox watch on your wrist, it has already passed over 100 quality control tests and you know that it is ready for anything and suitable for every occasion.

Shape, functionality and precision with style characterize the design in the men’s lines with simple and classic watches able to overcome any challenge, always and anywhere, with bold, genuine and audacious aesthetics that incarnate the essence of modern virility.

The ladies’ lines, on the other hand, offer watches as authentic forms of art: a stainless-steel case with a high-quality sunray brushed effect that, while thin and light, is more durable. A classic design. A luxury ladies’ watch “is worth every effort. Because we know that the wearer deserves only the best.”

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