Lynx amid technology, connectivity and attention to nature

Friday, 11 September 2020

Lynx amid technology, connectivity and attention to nature

Green Time is a line of products made in 100% natural wood, designed to help and respect our planet. Products with no toxic and artificial materials that aim to have a low impact on the environment. Every Green Time item is made by master artisans who, through their work and passion, give each item a soul. The “Barrique” collection is made from the steel and wood retrieved from wine barrels and these watches will be on display at VOICE 2020. A strong and richly scented wood for two models interpreted in eight different versions. The dials recall the colours of wine and feature a real highlight: the second hand is shaped like a corkscrew.

Smarty is also a Lynx brand that will be taking its new smartwatches to the show: “We will all have one in the same way as we all have a smartphone.” And while smartwatches are opening the door to numerous new ideas with products in all price ranges, increasing new features and fresh and innovative designs, they are often seen as the most suitable tools for preserving our health since they constantly monitor many important parameters and can keep the wearer’s physical activity under control. This aspect has become highly important in view of the sedentary lifestyle we have recently been forced to lead. New, to be flaunted and shown off, and with functions deemed to be much more useful than the now classic “big brothers.”

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