New entries at Better Silver

Wednesday, 09 September 2020

New entries at Better Silver

Since 1977, Better Silver has been producing: chain components, finished products and customized variations for top players, brands and retailers operating in the jewellery and fashion accessory industry. Every creation is made at the company’s factory and the brand is now a leading partner for the luxury and high-end jewellery industry, large-scale retail and on-line sales.

From chain to micro-casting, from 3D printing to CNC controlled machinery, from moulding to lasering: precious materials feature in 2,800 products and four lines: chain, chain with stones, fancy products and accessories. An ever-increasing number of jewellery items are created for every season, interpreting the latest consumer trends and favouring the fashion and chic style sides of everyday life. Collections with a strong personality for both men and women and with no age limit.

The new entries for 2020 include a reinterpretation of the concept of long-link “Bridge Chain” in a vast range of different types, sizes, cuts, processing and colours. From the simple smooth chain to vintage-effect surfaces through to polished chain and collections that combine a mixture of styles.

Furthermore, the Palladio line celebrates the irregular and majestic shapes of that creative genius, Andrea Palladio: a reinterpretation of the famous and historical ball chain in its simplest form as well as a series of different versions, with mirror polishing and colouring to enhance the product and the different sizes.

Zircons and tennis in various forms and combinations represent the core of the Crystal collection, a more modern interpretation of a must-have item made using innovative processing techniques that are able to unite skilled workmanship, automation and innovation.

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