Portvs: excellence at the service of the sector

Tuesday, 01 September 2020

Portvs: excellence at the service of the sector

Portvs is a well-known Portuguese jewelry brand capable of responding to market trends with high quality silver jewelry.

The proposal is that of exclusive jewels made for different fashion brands and developed to meet the needs of contemporary women. A comfortable, modern and functional design for a simple and minimalist look.

The company is also focused on responsible production, capable of creating durable and sustainable parts and the result of the social responsibility that is reflected in every jewel, where all the silver used is of recycled origin.

It all began in the 1950s, in Porto, when José Martins Barbosa began the production of innovative machinery and tools for the jewelery industry. After launching his own jewelry collection, he travels to Germany in search of inspiration, developing new production techniques and soon becoming the first national manufacturer to do gilding in series.

The history of this family continues to evolve through the hands and inventiveness of the third generation with the contemporary vision of João and Tiago Barbosa. By monitoring world trends and harmonizing the modernization of the sector with traditional knowledge, the team responds to the needs of a versatile, demanding and increasingly complex market.

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