Roberto Coin: Love in Verona

Thursday, 03 September 2020

Roberto Coin: Love in Verona

In 1996, for the first time, a jewelry collection was signed with a small ruby set inside each piece. The name of the collection was Appasionata and that was the beginning of the famous brand Roberto Coin, driven by the passion for life and art of the founder of the same name, always committed to finding new sources of inspiration among the countless diversities of the world.

Coin makes every creation the result of an exciting journey, like a journey between cultures and multi-ethnic contaminations, through nature, in balance between past and future.

The jewels thus tell an ever-changing story, which envelops them with an unmistakable allure of uniqueness and stylistic identity: the imagination thus takes shape through the hands of Italian artisans, guardians of the ancient traditions of the masters of jewelery. With their skill they give life to works of art in miniature, to each of which they deliver the story they will tell the world, always signed with the famous ruby.

The characteristic aesthetics and experimentation in design have made Roberto Coin jewels unprecedented examples of elegance and innovation that have led the brand to establish itself among the best known on the international scene.

During VOICE, in September 2020, Roberto Coin will present the “Love in Verona” collection: after Portofino, Capri, Rome and Venice, the brand once again chooses to dedicate its jewels to an Italian city, and the Love in Verona jewels continue the trend that links the brand’s collections to the most iconic Italian cities, taking us on a tour through Italy, where jewels become the ambassadors of its beauty.

Why Verona? Because it is the city of lovers, the scene of the most famous love story in the world of literature, the one between Juliet and Romeo, and home to the “Juliet Club”, the most romantic club that has ever existed since 1930, which manages the mail directly of Juliet.

The jewels of the collection in the three colors of gold, shiny or satin, can be worn together to create a total-look effect: their design incorporates the iconic four-petal diamond flower, and its constant repetition over the entire surface. of each jewel is an aesthetic reference to the Arena of Verona, symbol of the city. Coin thus chooses to express its craftsmanship with a minimal and strongly contemporary look.

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