Maria and Luisa between romanticism and tradition

Tuesday, 01 September 2020

Maria and Luisa between romanticism and tradition

New romanticism, return to nature, rediscovery of the past, reflections and nomadism: these are the inspirations that move the new proposal in the collections signed by Maria and Luisa srl, multiple identities of a single name. A skilful blend of the scents of Asia and the West, the gypsy culture combined with the flavor of the land to which I am closest.

Maria e Luisa embodies the synthesis of the woman and the creative that signs each jewel: from the passion for work to the link between past, present and future. Maria e Luisa is the embrace and the wonders found on the streets of the world: “An emotion is a journey inspired by the desire to expose yourself to new things without fear of recognizing yourself in these places. If I think about my jewels I don’t want them to tell me that they are beautiful, because this would reduce them to trivial souvenirs. My desire is that they are idyllic fragments, to be put on the table in moments of peace ”.

Details, geometries, beauty and creativity for collections of absolute excellence that preserve and pass on secrets, pages of life and emotions.

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