New Cameo Italiano collections at VOICE

Tuesday, 01 September 2020

New Cameo Italiano collections at VOICE

The cameo reached the height of its popularity, as a gem on the most important jewellery pieces during Victorian times. Until 210 years ago, they were made on agate or pietre dure, until a sailor brought some shells back to Torre del Greco after a voyage to Africa and America. Some master engravers from Torre del Greco, who had been working with agate at the time, found the different shades of the shells brought back by the sailor to be similar to chalcedony and carnelian, and from this time onwards, began to engrave cameos on sea shell.

This story is behind the history of the Di Luca family, which has been specialising in the production of cameos on shells for 3 generations, continuing to use the traditional engraving tool, the burin.

Cameo Italiano can boast thirty or so collections that reflect the birth of a design concept able to transcend time and fashion to become a perfect elements in our period of history. At this year’s VOICE 2020, Hall 1, stand 100 will be showcasing the new items in the line, with hand-engraved cameos, as well as the traditional collections and new engravings and models. The Charme collection is back with a new look. This is a young, fashionable line with smooth contours and modern engraving. Carousel on the other hand, is an explosion of colours, reflecting the fantastic world of the fairground.

Also present is the Anne collection, dominated by a return to Vintage style, inspired by classic, romantic iconography, given a new look that is both bold and appealing. Cameos as bright works of art, framed in elaborate mounts. The Sacred collection includes authentic jewels with style details influenced by religious themes that combine devotion and fashion. Then there is the Scent collection, chosen to represent a “relaunch”, based on its different symbolic values (Life, Beauty, and Nature).

For the company, every cameo is a multum in parvo, “large things in small spaces”, an extraordinary wealth of artistic, cultural and anthropological elements in small, precious items.

And so it is that from the far-sighted idea of Gino di Luca, Company President, comes a publication to “honour the wealth of cultural heritage that comes to us from our fathers, one of the most important mandates for today’s entrepreneurs”.

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