5 Jewelry Trends to Peep at JCK Virtual

You’ve undoubtedly spent many productive hours on the floor at past JCK shows, attending appointments, casually strolling in search of the unexpected, or hunting for trends. You’ll be able to do all of that with JCK Virtual—only your feet won’t need a long soak when you’re done.

What’s more, the schedule of events provides compelling reasons to log on as often as you can. While there is a timed schedule of networking and educational opportunities, the platform is available 24/7 for your convenience. 

When you browse the full exhibitor list on JCK Virtual’s immersive platform, be on the lookout for these five important trends. You’re likely to need them as the holiday season approaches, and you’ll be able to stock them just in time. If you haven’t yet, register here while there’s still time! JCK Virtual will be held from August 11-14, with the Luxury Experience opening on August 10 by invitation only.

1) Sentimental Styles
To be sure, “sentimental” jewelry can look different from customer to customer. Still, the idea is the same: Shoppers wanting to express their fondness for someone special will look for styles endowed with meaning. Try hearts, initials, and engravable pieces. If it says, “I love you” or “I miss you” in some way, it’s likely to attract customers. Bonus points for price point options, making it more accessible for customers to shop online and have gifts sent to family and friends they won’t be visiting with this holiday season.

2. New Wedding Jewelry
If there’s one thing we’ve been happy to learn during the pandemic, it’s that quarantine has not diminished love—or engagements. We’ve seen couples getting engaged and married in creative ways and gleefully showing off their rings. In most cases, shoppers need engagement rings and wedding bands that they can purchase online. As a retailer, it’s your job to help them feel comfortable with that purchase, and to offer as many ring views and details as possible. We have a great roster of exhibitors at JCK Virtual showcasing all manner of wedding rings, from the always-classic solitaire to the highly individual “alternative” style. It’s a good idea to keep your contacts close as you work with clients on custom designs, too. Now, more than ever, buying a ring is a special and memorable experience.

3) Charms Galore
Both individual charms and charm-accented jewelry are wildly in demand, with shoppers making self-purchases to add to their growing collections. While vintage finds have grabbed much attention, carefully crafted styles that exude quality are also highly fashionable. In addition to a healthy assortment of charms, ensure that you’re stocked with the appropriate accouterments: paperclip chains, link bracelets, and the like. A charm starter set can make an amazing holiday gift for someone special.

4) Easy-Wear Jewels
Jewelry that’s low maintenance and feels remarkably easy to wear—like lightweight chains and pendants, mix-and-match stud earrings, and thin, shimmering bracelets and anklets—has been popular for the past few years. Time spent in quarantine has reinforced that popularity, with shoppers eager to enjoy wearing beautiful jewelry without having to worry about taking it off. You won’t be hard-pressed to find styles that fit the bill; the hard part is deciding which ones to carry in your store since so many good options abound.

5) Lab-Grown Diamonds
While manmade diamonds still divide some jewelers, this category is undeniably growing in popularity. As a younger generation of shoppers prepares to make self- purchases—or buy engagement rings—be ready to answer the request for lab-grown stones, particularly from those concerned with gem origins. If you doubt whether shoppers are into lab-grown diamonds right now, check out Instagram, where many popular influencers sport (and promote) them.

JCK Virtual 2020 is approaching fast, and there’s much to celebrate. How will this show differ from years past? For one thing, you can experience the 2020 online show in the comfort of your home (in the comfort of your pajamas, if you choose).

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