Fratelli Chini: a guarantee of quality

Tuesday, 04 August 2020

Fratelli Chini: a guarantee of quality

Founded in 1952, the main activity of Fratelli Chini is machining precious metals for jewellery and the art of goldsmithing.

This company can satisfy the needs of its clients, from making pre-series products for customer evaluation, through to processing large sizes.

The design and industrialisation department uses the very latest computer systems and a production division that is well-known for being on the cutting edge, thanks to its next-generation machinery: from 3D printing in resin and wax with ultra HD and XHD (17 micron) resolution, to laser machining centres and computerised mechanical machines (CNC). Every production cycle, from smelting through to the finished product is carried out within the company.

Decades of experience have come together to work with vanguard production techniques, and the company also offers the guarantees of important certification, including RJC – RESPONSABLE JEWELLERY COUNCIL.

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