Creative sensitivity: the collections by Maresca

Wednesday, 05 August 2020

Creative sensitivity: the collections by Maresca

“…The right jewel conveys a cultural message of sensitivity, thought, and communicative immediacy…”. That is what the great artist, Bruno Munari used to say, and this philosophy is what moves Maria and Laura Maresca, to create pieces of jewellery with great sensitivity.

These are the creations of Maresca Officine Orafe, a business that has made jewellery the very essence of savoir faire. This is thanks to the renowned and solid family traditions they inherited from their father, Enzo, skilled goldsmith from Campania, who, in his workshop, would design, shape, build, finish and assemble unique pieces with an elegance to transcend time.

Expertise in materials, together with a strictly artisanal production process come together with a taste for sober, trendy jewellery with its soul set deep in the material.

The focal point of the collections is always the traditional art of Neapolitan goldsmithing, together with silver as a luxury to touch and wear. The value of the Intrecci collection comes from it being synonymous with quality and reflected beauty, while the inspiration comes from a simple ribbon that unfurls and rolls up again, changing its path and leaving its mark. Effects created with inlays, embossing, and knots mean the jewellery from the Intrecci collection has set out a new aesthetic, where reality and illusion merge together. This silver ribbon contains the story, the memory, the traces of hard-working hands that come together and move apart, bringing humble material to life.

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