Bulgari between sustainability and responsibility

Friday, 17 July 2020

Bulgari between sustainability and responsibility

Social responsibility and sustainability as keywords for the future of Bulgari, with greater attention to market demands and increasingly attentive and aware consumers.

And if the crisis and the health emergency have had a strong global impact with a view to awareness on many issues, among the most relevant certainly the need to invest in culture and sustainability for the future.

Aligned is Bulgari, which starts from sustainability for its relaunch: not only intended as a tracing of materials, but also Corporate Social Responsibility, to complete the maison’s development project.

Hence the Bvlgari Virus Free Fund was born, a non-profit organization that will finance cutting-edge institutions in the search for innovative strategies for the remission and treatment of different types of viruses.

The idea is to overcome today’s challenges to build a better tomorrow, faithful to the responsibility of inspiring the world and rethinking one’s work to create a new and dutiful future of luxury.

As Eleonora Rizzuto, CSR Director Bvlgari Group has stated: “True luxury is when you know the entire footprint of your supply chain.

One of the key points concerns the global emergence of plastics and the impact of plastic packaging. Bulgari between 2017 and in fact, 2019 reduced the quantity of plastic used in its packaging to 19%. In particular, the company has undertaken last year eco-design actions, reducing plastic consumption by 20 tons and replacing 13 tons of virgin plastic with recycled or plastic bio-based materials “.

The company has reduced the use of this material also in offices, shops and factories, favoring reuse and recycling.

In addition, Bulgari provided free disinfectant gel to those who were at the forefront of fighting Coronavirus with a huge donation to the Italian Center of Excellence in Research and Medicine.

After the lockdown, the maison has decided to continue its commitment with the Jenner Institute and the Bvlgari Virus Free Fund offering two scholarships for four years of doctoral studies. All aimed also at the creation of the Bvlgari Clinical Fund for the development and clinical trial of new therapies, drugs and vaccines able to contrast the COVID-19 and related Coronavirus strains.

Bulgari promises to contribute to the fight against COVID-19, but also to work with global leaders in Medical Sciences from the University of Oxford to feed tomorrow’s talented minds.

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