Premiere Digital Edition is “Re_Start”

OROAREZZO goldsmiths re-strat from their most iconic creations

Premiere Digital Edition is "Re_Start"

The theme of Italian Exhibition Group’s trade show contest, which, for 30 years, has awarded manufacturing excellence in the Italian districts, has been announced. Among the new entries in the all- digital 2020 format are Premiere Live Stage and on-line voting alongside a panel of experts.
Beppe Angiolini: “We are celebrating the sense of jewellery, the sense of life”.

The very best of jewellery manufacturing from the Italian districts re-starts from creativity and Made in Italy quality, appreciated the world over. In fact, the thirtieth edition of the PREMIERE contest, which Oroarezzo and Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) have, for the first time, organized to take place entirely on-line, will celebrate jewellery as a symbol of recovery.

Presented live on Instagram by Beppe Angiolini, Art Director of IEG’s trade show and Honorary President of the Chamber of Fashion Buyers, together with Marco Carniello, Group Brand Director Jewellery & Fashion at IEG, the theme of PREMIERE DIGITAL EDITION will be dedicated to “Re_Start” and invites top manufacturing companies throughout the peninsula to enhance their most iconic creations and relaunch the item that embodies the founding values, creative signature and unique and distinctive style of Italian jewellery manufacturing. “The sense of jewellery. The sense of life” which Beppe Angiolini, explains as follows: “Jewellery is the punctuation in the book of our present, past and future life. The first gold pendant of when we are born, the brooch on the collar of my mother’s silk blouse, an engagement ring, a graduation gift, all the anniversaries and much more. Jewellery speaks of feelings, chapters in an existence. A summary of life and an enormous joy, the great responsibility of those who put in creativity, invention, technology, skill, style, culture to create it and of those who, aware of it or not, buy all of that. Not just a decorative accessory but the personal and collective book of the cycle of life.”

The spotlights will therefore be on Made in Italy companies and their creations, thanks also to “Premiere Live Stage”, this edition’s new live web transmissions presented by Oroarezzo’s Brand Manager, Matteo Farsura, which, on the virtual stage of the webinar platform set up by IEG, will keep the Oroarezzo community company with their top-ranking stories until the final prize-giving event scheduled for 20th July. A “social” strategy purposefully designed by IEG to give jewellery companies visibility using the language of the Internet as well as to boost the industry’s digital skills.

The iconic jewellery items that most represent the Re_Start entered into the competition by 19th June can be of any type or form. They will be assessed by a panel of journalists, influencers, bloggers and show business personalities and will also be competing for the first time for a special “digital” award assigned on the basis of follower voting. In any case, the “art of manufacturing”, with all the qualities that Italian jewellery production is able to express and export to the main international markets, much to the appreciation of consumers worldwide, will be taking the podium.

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