Cannes: the most original jewellery on the red carpet of 72 editions

Tuesday, 09 June 2020

Cannes: the most original jewellery on the red carpet of 72 editions

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the 73rd edition of the world’s most beautiful film event was cancelled but even thinking about the Cannes Film Festival can make the eyes shine amid dreams and reality.

It is no coincidence that the looks of the great stars of today and yesterday who have walked along the Croisette in Cannes during the over 70 editions of the Festival, have made history even (and above all) in terms of jewellery.

Jewels paraded by great icons such as Monica Bellucci, Lady D, Liz Taylor and Brigitte Bardot are world famous, not to speak of Sophia Loren who, in ’55, appeared in the dreamiest pale dress and a necklace to die for. The following year, an elegant Brigitte Bardot, in the midst of a revival period, wore a sheath dress that enhanced her waist and an extra-long pearl necklace to adorn her beauty.

Taylor, the famous Hollywood star, also renowned for her collection of highly precious jewellery, attended Cannes in ’87 in a striking red dress and maxi diamond earrings with matching white gold bracelet and a huge diamond ring on her left ring finger.

Another style for Lady D who, that same year, paraded along the Croisette looking extremely delicate in white with a minimalist matching set of jewellery.

And, coming back to our day, still famous is the Bulgari choker worn by Sienna Miller in 2015, dotted with tiny diamonds to form a lacy weave, while, the following year, Julia Roberts lit up the red carpet with her iconic smile and a platinum necklace belonging to the Red Carpet Collection featuring a pear-cut emerald (52.76ct) and diamonds (43.41ct), an 18ct white gold ring with a pear-cut emerald (18.49ct) and diamonds and a pair of diamond clip earrings from the High Jewellery Collection.

In the same year, Julianne Moore appeared in a pair of 18ct white and yellow gold earrings with diamonds and a square-cut yellow diamond and white diamond ring, also from the Red Carpet Collection.

Beauty, fame and luxury: to dream of while waiting for the 2021 edition.

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