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Summer trends we know we can count on

We can’t quite be sure what the future holds. Will we see some semblance of normalcy come June, will we be out and about, free to resume our summer plans and life as we knew it? The answer to those questions depends on who you ask, and since even experts can only analyze and project, we can only do our best to take things one day at a time.

Other things, we can be sure of. For one, summer is coming. Whether we get to spend it at home or away, indoors or out, the seasons will endure, and the coming months promise warmer weather (in most places, anyway).

So what does that mean for jewelry trends? It depends on how you see it. Trends aren’t cancelled just because so many other things are, but they will be influenced. The flamboyant, resort-friendly styles we lean on May through August could likely take a backseat to easier, more every day jewels, though the latter is certainly no less fun.

On the bright side, easy-to-wear styles like slender chain necklaces, stacking bands, mix-and-match earrings, and the rest of the cool-wear caravan these jewels tend to travel with, are already massively popular. Many, not all, suppliers have these pieces available for sale, enabling you to enhance your stock virtually and at a moment’s notice. The other pro this category of casual jewels has going for it is longevity. Even when the time comes that consumers begin to embrace extreme maximalism—bib necklaces, oversized earrings, multi-finger rings, and more—there will be demand for these jewels. They’re trend-ing, as opposed to trend-y, so a retailer shouldn’t feel out of their element, or as if they’re taking a big risk, by stocking them.

So rather than present a range of different trends to signify the beginning of summer, take a look at jewels like the ones presented here. They’re reliable, they’re lovely, and they’re current. If you’re wondering if there’s a specific micro trend to glean here, a best guess would be to steer towards calming, natural shades—raw honey browns, pale greens, ocean blues—things we long for, and a range of sunset hues, with orange, pink, and yellow showing popularity in the early days of 2020.

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