The Mainland Cities of the Greater Bay Area (5): The Advantages of Hong Kong’s Retail Sector

Shopping a Primary Activity

The respondents’ most common consumption activity during their visits to Hong Kong was shopping, with 88% citing it as an activity they had participated in. Skincare products/cosmetics/perfumes were the type of product most frequently bought , with 66% of respondents saying that they had bought these items in Hong Kong. It is worth noting that although this was a more popular purchasing item among female respondents, with 82% of them buying such products in the territory, the proportion of their male counterparts doing so was also quite high, at 52%. During one of the consumer focus group discussions, a female participant said: “There are more skincare product brands and product types available in Hong Kong, which is why whenever I visit Hong Kong, buying skincare products is a must-do activitiy.”

More than half of the respondents had bought clothing and footwear (61%) and watches and jewellery (51%) in Hong Kong. 55% of those with a monthly household income of under Rmb8,000 had bought such products, only nine percentage points lower than the number of those with a monthly household income of Rmb25,000-39,999 who had done so (64%).

Among respondents who had visited Hong Kong, 43% had bought food products during their trip. This was more common among older respondents. Half of those in the 41-45 age group had bought food products while visiting Hong Kong, while only 39% of those aged 26-30 had done so. 36% had purchased personal electronic products in Hong Kong and 31% had bought wine/spirits. Hong Kong’s bespoke products found particular favour with high-income earners, with 37% of respondents with a monthly household income of Rmb40,000 and above having bought them, a share considerably higher than the overall average of 24%. Hong Kong companies selling bespoke products should therefore target high-income consumers from the nine mainland cities in the GBA.

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