Pearls in your hair

Wednesday, 01 April 2020

Pearls in your hair

Hairstyles with pearls that give a touch of class. These are latest trend looks, protagonists on the catwalks – especially for brides – from all over the world, and perfect for special occasions because they are capable of transforming even the most classic or simple look into something original. As seen on the red carpet of the 2020 Oscars thanks to the hairstyle of the actress Lucy Boynton with a wavy bob embellished with pearls.

Pearls are preferred white, especially for the luminous effect on each type and color of crown: to apply them, just get hairpins with pearls and unleash your imagination.

Many proposed looks: from the elegant and fluffy crop to the more romantic one with a maxi braid and clasps full of small pearls, up to the simpler one (and within everyone’s reach) with loose hair dotted with small pearls and crystals in the upper part of the hairdressing.

The low tail (in low pony slang), among the hairlooks of the moment, with pearls with a different size for a touch of originality, is also trendy. Vintage with half pearls that embellish lacquered hair or a soft wavy in the 60s style, while a herringbone braid on a wet effect hair can host small pearls to give a lively and feminine touch. Casual effect bun for the so-called “banana bun” with magnetic allure obtained thanks to the pearl clasps.

Finally, the more classic low tail will be more energetic and sophisticated with a clasp adorned with colored or white pearls.

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