All Signs Point to Diamond

An Aries birthstone horoscope

Happy birthday, Aries, for soon it will be your day. As April arrives, some things to remember as you move through each day, be them frenetic or relaxed, at work or play…

You are courageous, Aries, you must never forget. Whatever
trials seek to challenge you this month, you’ll be ready to face them down with
your signature confidence and passion, staring them down while smiling all at
once. Steering you in the right direction is your birthstone, the diamond, said
to influence the personality traits of an Aries, fueling one’s inner strength
and enhancing relationships—keep your adored ones close, for the incoming
season is one of love.

They say vanity is a negative personality trait of the
Aries, but let’s counter that by saying, how can one not feel a bit vain
when born under the diamond? The gem of all gems, this birthstone of Aries is
revered the world over, and said to increase balance and clarity for those that
wear it. For what it’s worth, it has also reportedly been known to draw out
toxins (it was said to have been used as a remedy for poison, at one time), so
by some stretch of the imagination, wearing diamonds may indeed be good for
your health (when paired with the proper self-care, of course).

The best thing about the diamond is its versatility—if you
can dream it, diamond can do it. It’s in jewelry for all ages, genders, styles,
and budgets. It even comes in a variety of colors, though the familiar
sparkling white seems to garner the most range, particularly where more
approachable price points are concerned.

And so we nod to Aries, our best motivators, our happy friends, our favorite fierce leaders. Happy birthday to all, may these diamonds delight those who celebrate in the month to come.

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