Covid-19: the engraved memory

Monday, 30 March 2020

Covid-19: the engraved memory

Assocoral, the National Association of Coral and Cameo Producers, has organized a competition for students at the Istituto Superiore Francesco Degni in Torre del Greco and for the students at University of Caserta “Luigi Vanvitelli” – Architecture and Industrial Design Department, entitled “Covid-19: the engraved memory.”

The aim of the contest is to provide an interpretation of the current Italian and global situation as a future reminder. In order to participate, students must firstly construct, in writing, an inter-disciplinary path aimed at enhancing their ability to develop a project together with relative communication strategy and specific storytelling, followed by drawings of the project and, lastly, engrave it onto shell.

Moreover, students will be able to ask teachers for assistance, each in their own particular subject, to obtain advice and suggestions.
A project designed to valorise young people and, through their effort and creativity, also promote the territory and its ancient art and encourage and develop the students’ creativity.

“Covid has slowed down our production and associative activities considerably and so we decided to change the work in progress and adapt quickly,” explained Vincenzo Aucella, President of Assocoral.
The competition will be divided into 2 phases: an initial design phase where all the participating work must be presented by 24th April and then the period in which the designs will be engraved on shell in the School’s workshops. Given the circumstances, it will not be possible to do this second phase in this scholastic year so that will be postponed until the next.

At the same time as the contest, Assocoral also launched the “challenge” on the same theme to senior engravers, free-lancers or enthusiasts who will compete in their specific categories. The deadline for presenting these works is 30th May.

The prize for both competitions will be the permanent display of the resulting items in the Coral and Cameo Museum at the Istituto Superiore Francesco Degni in Torre del Greco so that this particular moment we are going through is “engraved” in history. Furthermore, all the creations made will be on display at a temporary exhibition organized at the Institute.
To take part, just complete this form by April 10th:
For further information, please refer to the following website:

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